Yamada’s Handbook of Gastroenterology, 4th Edition

by Thảo Vi
Yamada’s Handbook of Gastroenterology, 4th Edition

Chủ biên: John M. Inadomi

NXB: Wiley Blackwell

Năm xuất bản: 2020 – Ngôn ngữ: English

Chuyên ngành: Gastroenterology, Nội Tiêu Hóa

This 4th edition of Yamada’s Handbook of Gastroenterology provides a portable, well-illustrated, rapid access handbook for gastroenterologists of all levels, perfect for quick and easy use while on the wards.

Divided into 2 parts — part 1 being symptom-focused and part 2 disease-focused, it gives 100% clinical assessment and practical management advice for the entire range of GI symptoms, complaints and conditions that patients present with. Every symptom you’re likely to encounter is covered, every condition assessed.