The Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review 4e

by Thảo Vi
The Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review 4e

Chủ biên: Bimal Ashar

NXB: Saunders

Năm xuất bản: 2012 – Ngôn ngữ: English

Chuyên ngành: Internal Medicine, Nội Tổng Quát

Don’t gamble on the most important exam of your career… ace the boards with the Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review! Johns Hopkins was the birthplace of the Internal Medicine residency, and it has led the field ever since. Now it’s also the source of the most effective board-review tool in the specialty! Respected experts summarize just the imperative information you need to know for certification or recertification.

Get all the core knowledge you need through comprehensive review text; bolded key information; and helpful tables and algorithms.
Test your skills and simulate the exam experience with over 1,000 exam questions; complete, comprehensive answers in study and test modes; and fully searchable text online at
Go into the exam with confidence with exam-taking tips and tricks.
View full-color clinical images covering all the image types you’ll see on the boards, including x-rays, common skin findings, peripheral blood smear, ophthalmology findings, and CT and MR images.
Master the latest knowledge and concepts in the field through fully updated text and online questions.