Stanfield’s Essential Medical Terminology, 5th Edition

by Hồng Ngân
Stanfield’s Essential Medical Terminology, 5th Edition

Chủ biên: Nanna Cross

NXB: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Năm xuất bản: 2020 – Ngôn ngữ: English

Chuyên ngành: Medical Terminology, Tiếng Anh Y Khoa

This best-selling introduction to medical terminology is based on the body-systems method and is flexible enough to be used in traditional or self-instructional course formats. Suited for students of all levels in the health professions, the accessible Essential Medical Terminology , Fifth Edition provides the appropriate amount of detail needed to learn the basics of medical terminology. After learning the fundamentals of pronunciation, students can study the chapters in any order the instructor deems appropriate.

Key Features of the Fifth Edition:

– Confusing Medical Terms boxes compare and define similar sounding terms
– Pharmacology and Medical Terminology boxes relate medical terminology to drugs and their classification, function, and active ingredients
– Allied Health Professions boxes list specialties and specialists
– A wealth of full-color photographs and illustrations showing common clinical disorders and associated anatomy