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Michael Harris
General Practitioner and Lecturer in
General Practice, Bath, UK
Gordon Taylor
Senior Research Fellow in Medical Statistics,
University of Bath, Bath, UK

This book is designed for healthcare students and
professionals who need a basic knowledge of when
common statistical terms are used and what they
Whether you love or hate statistics, you need to have
some understanding of the subject if you want to
critically appraise a paper. To do this, you do not
need to know how to do a statistical analysis. What
you do need is to know whether the right test has
been used and how to interpret the resulting figures.
This book does not assume that you have any
prior statistical knowledge. However basic your
mathematical or statistical knowledge, you will find
that everything is clearly explained.
A few readers will find some of the sections
ridiculously simplistic, others will find some bafflingly
difficult. The “smiley faces” grading will help you pick
out concepts that suit your level of understanding.
The “star” system is designed to help you pick out
the most important concepts if you are short of time.
This book is also produced for those who may be
asked about statistics in an exam. Pick out the “exam
tips” sections if you are in a hurry.
You can test your understanding of what you have
learnt by working through extracts from original
papers in the “Statistics at work” section.