DSM-IV: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4e

by Tuyết Minh

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Known as “DSM-IV”, the latest version of this mental health manual features a new coding system compatible with the ICD-10. Based on the results of field trials, a number of criteria sets are simplified for use in clinical settings: somatisation disorder; schizophrenia; generalised anxiety disorder; and antisocial personality disorder. The “DSM-IV” text is expanded to maximise clinical utility and educational value. Additional subsections of text are: “Associated Laboratory Findings” to note lab tests that may be relevant to a particular diagnosis; an “Age-Related Features” section, added to most disorders to note how the disorder presents differently throughout the life cycle; a “Gender-Related Features” section including presentations that vary by gender; a “Culture-Related Features” section for each disorder, to discuss how the disorder presents differently in different cultural settings; and the “DSM-IV Substance Use” section discussing each substance in great detail, describing patterns of use and substance-induced conditions.