Conn’s Current Therapy 2017

by Thảo Vi
Conn’s Current Therapy 2017

Chủ biên: Edward T. Bope


Năm xuất bản: 2017 – Ngôn ngữ: English

Chuyên ngành: Internal Medicine, Nội Tổng Quát

Covering more than 300 clinically relevant topics, Conn’s Current Therapy 2017 by Drs. Edward T. Bope and Rick D. Kellerman offers an in-depth, personal approach to treatment from international experts, ideally suited for today’s busy medical practitioners. Trustworthy and easy to use, this annually updated resource focuses solely on the most current treatment protocols for common complaints, acute diseases, and chronic illnesses you’re likely to see. New chapters and numerous new authors in this edition bring you fully up to date on the topics you need to know about for effective patient care.

– Reliable, in-depth, systems-based content suitable for all first-line-of-defense providers.
– Thorough PharmD review of recently approved and soon-to-be approved drugs.
– Easy access to the latest evidence-based treatment practices for the most effective results.
– More than 400 easy-to-understand tables make referencing complex data quick and easy.
– Nearly 300 images, including algorithms, anatomical illustrations, and photographs, provide useful information fodiagnosis.